Random Angels a really surprising gift


Beautiful little stained glass angels handmade by Clive.

Each one is unique using a variety of textured and striated art glass they shimmer and shine as they hang from a delicate silver chain with a small silver hook at the top.

The angels are approximately 10cm high and 9cm wide on a chain and hook of approximately 10cm.


Random Angels come in pale pink, white, sky blue and gold bodies and trumpet with clear textured or white striated glass wings and a clear glass lens angel head. All solder work has a silver coloured finish.


They are sent in a cellophane bag inside a specially made card folder box padded with bubble wrap and sealed with a random angels logo to be broken by the recipient when opening.


On the front of the box it says

"A little glass angel sent just for you from...


Thinking of You"

Below you can add who you would like us to print that the angel is from and a very short message, like "Mum & Dad xx love you lots" Only a very short message can be fitted in, the angel's arrival is supposed to be random, the recipient can call you  or you call them to see if anything unexpected has arrived and when the lovely gift has been opened you can talk about why you thought they deserved or needed it!


Each angel costs £15.00 including post and packing to a UK mainland address The special padded folder box is sent in a padded envelope for safety.


Choose your colour preference, each angel is unique and the nature of the glass will be different for each but within the choice you have made


You'll receive a confirmation of the paypal payment from White Hare


So to order:

1. Choose the colour from the drop down menu below the photographs


2. Add your short personal message in the next box below and who the Random Angel is from... type it as you want it to appear


3. Use the Buy Now button; this takes you to paypal where you can use a paypal account OR any card if you check out as a guest.


4. After you have entered your card and address details untick the billing address box below and here you'll be able to put in the name and address to where the Random Angel is being sent, otherwise we will be told to send it to you


Any problems or if you want to place multiple orders call us on 01237 441539

or email studio@randomangels.cloud




Angel Colour
Who is the angel from?