At the moment I have the following studio pieces for sale. They are all available to be framed in a lovely new soft champagne gold frame as below. Prices include the frame.  Post and packing is charged at £10.00 per painting.

If you would like the picture mounted only please email or call us on 01237 441539

Solid Wood Gilded Moulding in cushion form


approx 2.5cm width

January Hare

From the Winter Solstice in December days have started to get longer and daylight begins to conquer darkness as we can start to look forward to the return of Spring and the abundance of Summer.



Mounted to 43cmx33cm outer size £120 NOW £95

February Imbolc  Hare

The traditional festival of Imbolc, a time of expectancy and the promise of Spring as that beneath the ground begins to prepare for growth. Snowdrops are amongst the first to show and were used as decoration at the festival. St Bridget whose cross appears in the painting as a shadow in the sky is associated with the Goddess of fire, healing and smithcraft


Mounted to 43cmx33cm outer size £120 NOW £95

March Ostara Hare

Ostara was a Germanic Goddess of rebirth and fertility also known as Oestre from where Easter arguably gets its name. The Hare was sacred to the goddess in many traditions. The egg is a symbol of potential and promise.



Mounted to 43cmx33cm outer size £120 NOW £95

May Beltane  Hares

Mayday celebrations of the abundant bursting potential of all of nature’s animals as well as plants. The celebrations are strong and active with the symbol of The Green Man representing the strength and potential of nature. The Maypole dances were a traditional part of the celebrations. The festival is associated with fire.


Mounted to 43cmx33cm outer size £120 NOW £95

Summer Solstice Hares

The longest day and the shortest night. The sun is at its peak and all of nature celebrates. Yet as with all cycles from this day the balance tips and the days begin to grow shorter. One tradition holds a constant rivalry between the Oak King and Holly King. At this point the Oak whilst flourishing surrenders to the Holly who brings the longer nights until the Winter Solstice


Mounted to 43cmx33cm outer size £120 NOW £95

Mabon Autumn Hare

At the Autumn Equinox Day and Night are again equal in length. From here nights are now longer than days as the year truly wanes towards the Winter and the Solstice. But there is cause for celebration to be had for the second harvest of fruit and berries that are now ready in abundance fulfilling the hopes and preparations of Imbolc, Ostara and the Springtime.


Mounted to 43cmx33cm outer size £120 NOW £95

Winter Solstice Hare

At the Winter Solstice longest night of the year. The Festival of Rebirth and the return of the sun. Recognised in all cultures throughout history, from now the days slowly become longer with the promise of Springtime and the return of life to nature. No wonder it was adopted in the Christian religion as a time to celebrate Christ’s birth.


Mounted to 43cmx33cm outer size £120 NOW £95