Genuine 'Octarine' Unicorn Shoes


 'Octarine' is created using an original method, developed by Clive, building up layers of gold, silver and mineral powders behind glass and then heated creating the moving, abstract patterns within.


Clive has nicknamed the material 'octarine' in honour of the late author Terry Pratchett who invented the word for the eighth colour of the rainbow....the colour of magic...a pigment of your imagination.


As the light changes it strikes the minerals, changing tones and colours, creating the colour of magic.


Clive has been a maker of Unicorn Shoes for many years since he once met an ancient Unicorn in the woods.


He told him of his magical material 'octarine'.


The Unicorn knew immediately that it would make perfect shoes and so together they created the first set.


You will see that Unicorn Shoes have no holes for nails as they are fastened to their feet with magic.


Now Clive has made available the Unicorn Shoes for humans to collect. They come mounted on a ceramic plaque and framed to just over 12cm square ready to hang on a wall as a good luck charm. They are available in:





~and Turquoise

as shown on the right.


Every piece of 'octarine' is different so variations will occur in the patterns and texures of the pieces, each one varies slightly as it is cut and ground and mounted in the silver coloured metal edging by Clive.


You can order these Unicorn Shoes below. Each one comes with a little booklet with the story and saying it is a Genuine Unicorn Shoe.


Price £15.00 +£1.50 post and packing


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Unicorn Shoe