White Hare Chocolates are made by

Caroline Brocklehurst in her dedicated registered kitchen at 67 The Square Hartland

Caroline learnt her craft working with award winning chocolatier Nigel Rumsey.

The chocolates use the finest ingredients and Belgian chocolate, and locally sourced

Rodda's Cornish double cream


Caroline has received outstanding comments from customers and celebrities alike. She was delighted to receive a personal note from Joanne Harris the writer of the film Chocolat and the Chocolat series of novels. Joanne said "White Hare Chocolaterie make a superb handmade chocolates in a variety of delicious and original flavours. I loved them!" TV's Gregg Wallace was also wowed by them at teh Abbotsham Book Festival saying Caroline had created a superb balance of flavours in her chocolates




Left Joanne Harris of Chocolat fame

Right Gregg Wallace from TV's Masterchef

Caroline with Award Winning Chocolatier Nigel Rumsey

This February Caroline has introduced new varieties of chocolates including a Bucks Fizz chocolate and a Carribean Creme. As they are made in small batches the assortment within boxes ordered may vary slightly accordng to current supply at time of ordering.


  • Bucks Fizz~made with champagne and real orange in an orange chocolate coating
  • Carribean Creme~a coconut cream ganache filling with a hint of Barbados Rum dipped in milk, white or dark chocolate and topped with a little grated coconut
  • 'Orange Seville'~ made with a fresh orange reduction and Cointreau liqueur infused dark chocolate ganache dipped in dark chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder
  • 'Smugglers Delight'~a dark chocolate ganache infused with Dark Rum and dipped in dark chocolate
  •  '99' Vanilla truffle log~known as a '99' as it looks like the flake you would have in a 99 ice cream cone but is filled with a Rodda's double cream vanilla ganache centre to remind you of Cornish Ice Cream of Summers past
  • Midnight Mint~a dark chocolate ganache stirred through with mint infused demerera sugar dipped in dark mint chocolate and topped with crystallised mint
  • Champagne Cocktail~made with a Champagne infused white chocolate ganache woth a hint of cognac, dipped in white choclate and finished with a dark chocolate decoration
  • Toasted and Caramelised whole Macadamia Nut~set in milk or white chocolate
  • Cornish Sea salt Caramel~Toasted nut covered chocolate ball filled with homemade Cornish Sea salted caramel
  • Raspberry 'bombe'~a raspberry ripple white chocolate ganache made with real raspberry coulis, dipped in ruby chocolate anddecorated with raspberry infused chocolate
  • Lemon Lovelie~fresh lemon and white chocolate ganache dipped in lemon flavoured white chocolate and rolled in honeycomb and icing sugar.
  • Sea Salt &  Samphire~a white choclate ganache flavoured  with Atlantic Spirit Samphire Gin made from Samphire harvested on the local shoreline stirred througha caramel, coated in pistachio chocolate and topped and bottomed with crushed pistachios to remind you of the rocky shores from where hails the samphire

Boxes of Chocolates


We offer two sizes of gift wrapped boxes. Boxes come with a full list of the chocolates contained therein . Please note that the selection in a box will vary according to current stock. 

If you would like them sent to someone at a different address to yours then when paying you can nominate a different delivery address. If you would like us to print a gift card with a message to go with the chocolates then please type your message in the 'instructions to seller section'


1. a box of 10 containing one of each individual chocolate for £9.95

plus post and packing

Regrettably During the Covid-19 outbreak we are not currently making chocolates




2. a box of 20 containing two of each individual chocolate for £19.95 plus post and packing


Postage is £3.95

NEW Gin Selection Chocolates


Made in conjunction with local Abbotsham based distillery Atlantic Spirit. Atlantic Spirit handcraft small batch gins using locally sourced botanical ingredients. These are not just gins with flavours added but created in their custom copper still.  The flavourings come from RHS Rosemoor near Torrington and Tapeley Park near Bideford.

Caroline has created chocolates using Atlantic Spirits' Hibiscus, Lemon and Thyme, Manuka and Rose spirits. Such delicately flavoured spirits even if you don't think you like gin these are exceptional chocolates made with outstanding ingredients.


Our Atlantic Spirit selection comes online in a box of eight with two of each chocolate. We can do boxes of four but only for multiple orders as the postage is the same. Give us a call on 01237 441539 or email studio@whitehare.co.uk and we can sort out an order


Box of eight Gin selection chocolates £8.95 +P&P


See more about Atlantic Spirit and order their gins at



available again soon

Ingredients and Notes about ALLERGENS;

Contain; Chocolate(DAIRY,SOYA), Butter(DAIRY), Double Cream(DAIRY), Sugar, NUTS(where relevant), Natural Flavourings including alcohol where relevant. ALL have been made in a kitchen where NUTS are present~no artificial preservatives~see best before date on base of packet~keep in a cool place out of the light