White Hare Chocolates are made by

Caroline Brocklehurst in her dedicated registered kitchen at 67 The Square Hartland

Caroline learnt her craft working with award winning chocolatier Nigel Rumsey.

The chocolates use the finest ingredients and Belgian chocolate, and locally sourced

Rodda's Cornish double cream


Caroline with Award Winning Chocolatier Nigel Rumsey

There are currently 10 varieties of chocolates  available made by Caroline.

  • Dark, Milk and White Chocolate truffles,
  • Orange Seville Dark Truffle~made with a fresh orange reduction and Cointreau liqueur in a dark chocolate ganache,
  • Rum Dark Truffle~with a rum infused dark chocolate ganache,
  •  '99' Vanilla truffle log~known as a '99' as it looks like the flake you would have in a 99 ice cream cone but is filled with a Rodda's double cream vanilla ganache centre to remind you of Cornish Ice Cream of Summers past, a Raspberry  Chocolate Truffle log~a milk chocolate ganache infused with raspberry and dipped in milk chocolate,
  • Champagne Truffle~made with a Champagne infused white chocolate ganache,
  • Cappuccino Caramel~a soft coffee caramel infused with Kahlua coffee liqueur dipped in dusted with milk chocolate,
  • Salted Caramel~Toasted nut covered chocolate ball filled with homemade salted caramel.

Boxes of Chocolates


We are presently offering two sizes of gift wrapped boxes by mail order. Boxes come with a full list of the chocolates contained therein .

If you would like them sent to someone at a different address to yours then when paying you can nominate a different delivery address. If you would like us to print a gift card with a message to go with the chocolates then please type your message in the 'instructions to seller section'


1. a box of 10 containing one of each individual chocolate for £9.95

plus post and packing


2. a box of 20 containing two of each ivdividual chocolate for £19.95 plus post and packing


 A pretty cellophane bag with white lace printed detail tied with a decorative string and White Hare Chocolates label

6 Chocolate Truffles

2x White Chocolate covered white truffle ganache

2x Milk Chocolate covered milk chocolate ganache

2x Dark Chocolate covered dark chocolate ganche


Available for just £4.95 + p&p £2.50

Ingredients and Notes about ALLERGENS;

Contain; Chocolate(DAIRY,SOYA), Butter(DAIRY), Double Cream(DAIRY), Sugar, NUTS(where relevant), Natural Flavourings including alcohol where relevant. ALL have been made in a kitchen where NUTS are present~no artificial preservatives~see best before date on base of packet~keep in a cool place out of the light