Stained Glass


I make individual panels to hang in windows so people can move then around their homes without being tied to a fitted window.

They are made using various beautiful forms of glass that are sourced form all over the world. Individual chosen pieces are then cut and ground into the shapes to form the design which is then set in traditional lead runs  to form jewel like pieces. They can be very heavy with the use of glass and lead. It gives a robust tactile organic nature enhancing the complex sinuous patterns I love creating.




White Hare                                            Butterflies                                                                  Sunrise Stag                

Dancing Hare                            Stained glass & painted               Irises                   Stained glass & painted

Stained glass panel                                   panel                     Stained glass panel                  panel

The Tree of Seasons

 Stained glass panel showing the passage of the seasons within the tree with winter beginning on the left hand side and the tree blooming and maturing with its fruits to autumn on the right. The round frame section follows a similar flow of colours around the tree image. The piece includes nearly 60 pieces of glass with all flat pieces hand cut and ground to shape and to receive the glass lenses


Flaming Horse Head Stained Glass Panel


An example of a design made using my unique 'pierced' technique where the pale blue sections do not contain glass, This makes a 'lighter' piece both in weight and visual appearance.


This piece is approximately 40cm across