Hello and welcome to the White Hare website.


I am Clive Brocklehurst and I live with my wife Caroline on the rugged North Devon Coast on the Hartland Peninsula.


I paint watercolour pictures, create works in glass and other media and have write books under the banner of White Hare


Up until Lockdown my studio was open as a gallery for eight years.


Now we have a period where much of our time is restricted by caring for our delightful four year old granddaughter Issy.


As far as my art is concerned I am currently painting coastal scenes and making craft items which are sold at the Hartland Quay Gallery shop.


I am also working to commission on illustrations for shows and magazines.


Recently I was delighted to have my original White Hare image chosen for promotion of Seth Lakeman's celebration of the 15th Anniversary of his Freedom Fields album.