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Artist Clive Brocklehurst paints and writes at his White Hare Studio in Hartland North Devon on the rugged Hartland Peninsula.


Inspired by myth and folklore, Clive has long been fascinated by hares and the place they hold in cultures throughout history and the world.

Painting solely in watercolour he established White Hare to market his prolific output of paintings and designs as prints, cards and books.White Hare gifts are described as being inspired by Land Love and Legend his three passions.     



Clive specialises in watercolours with his originals reproduced as prints and cards. He paints mystical hares and beautiful local landscapes; all of which tell a story













Clive also paints views and animal portraits to commission.


White Hare is also a publisher of Clive’s magical stories of Assander the White Hare of Hartland a trilogy of adventures following the generations of a dynasty of white hares after the first hare is shipwrecked on the Hartland peninsula.


For the Studio~Gallery in Hartland Clive and his wife Caroline make ranges of individual mini treasure chests featuring designs based on Clive’s paintings. They also make boxes covered in beautiful plush fabrics and stained glass designs ranging from jewellery boxes to table top caskets and full size ottomans.

 The Dragon Box  


Caroline makes individual pieces of jewellery from semi precious stones and sterling silver. All pieces come gift wrapped and with a an explanation of the traditional meanings and significance of the stones.


Clive also makes individual pieces of glasswork using cold painted enamelling techniques and lead work. He is also creating stunning mirrors making the gilded frames and edging the mirror with stained glass and lead-work inspired by traditional designs and coastal themes. They feature handmade and art-glass. Each piece is unique and signed.



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