November 2023. I have a few original paintings available, framed and ready to hang. I have taken a close up of the painting and then show it framed on the right hand side. Whilst I attempt to keep the website updated pictures are sometimes sold to visitors so I am sorry if they have been sold before I have updated the site. 

All prices are for the framed picture as seen, post and packing is extra. £12 for the £125 picture and £9 for the smaller £95 ones.

Hartland Quay looking South

One of the most iconic views from the Quay. Features two figures sitting on the bench looking towards Welcome and down the coastline

Framed to 54cmx43cm outer size £125 +£12 P&P SOLD

Bear Rock, across the bay; Hartland Quay

I love the even form of the waves as they sweep into the bay where the 'secret' beach is revealed at low tide. There are often local children, including our grandaughter, and visitors clambering over the rocks that remain exposed even at many high tides. Features two children playing on the rocks

Framed to 44cmx24cm outer size £95 +£9 P&P

Storm inland; Hartland Quay

It was a dramatic day with the storm behind the hotel and the sun hitting the building. Features two tiny figures an the 'Lookout' on the left viewing Lundy Framed to 42cmx27cm outer size £95 +£9 P&P SOLD

Sunburst over the sea; Hartland Quay

There are often the most dramatic skies and effects as you walk the South West Coastal Path. This features the rocks to your left seen from the toll road as you drive down to the Quay. Living here I am lucky to see so many. There are two figures in silhouette on the coast path

Framed to 42cmx27cm outer size £95 + £9 P&P

The Slipway, Hartland Quay

To me this is a great view if you know the Quay and have experienced trudging up the slipway from a swim or just a look at the bay, beach and cliffs. The hotel peaks out at the top. The 'Lookout' is the grassed ridge that extends into the sea. The picture has an adult and child at the top of the slipway

Framed to 45cmx33cm outer size £95 +£9 P&P

St Nectan's Church Stoke, Hartland

Looking inland from the fields next to the road to Hartland Quay. It is a spectacular tower

Framed to 42cmx27cm outer size £95 + £9 P&P









Hazy Sunset over Hartland

It was a cold hazy wintery day with one of the magical Hartland sunsets in its big sky. This is the view as you come down into the village when if you are lucky you can see St Nectan's church tower in the distance. This late afternoon the sun had chosen to highlight it in a most dramatic way. The whole nature of the scene indicated a more painterly atmospheric style than most of my works which reflect the clear bright coastal light.

Framed to 44cmx31cm outer size £95 + £9 P&P